text 2 Dec 7,434 notes justin bieber wins artist of the year over eminem?


First off anybody over the age of 12 who likes justin bieber.

The fact that he can even be in the same category as eminem is like..

& the fact that he won..

makes people who like real music feel like..

i can only imagine eminem’s reaction to this bullshit..

& to anybody who thinks Bieber is better then eminem, COME AT ME BRO.

text 2 Dec 3,438 notes Every girl wants to hear her guy say, ”The next girl I’ll ever love will be our daughter.”

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I am learning to understand rather than immediately judge or to be judged. I cannot blindly follow the crowd and accept their approach. I will not allow myself to indulge in the usual manipulating game of role creation. Fortunately for me, my self-knowledge has transcended that and I have come to understand that life is best to be lived and not to be conceptualized. I am happy because I am growing daily and I am honestly not knowing where the limit lies. To be certain, every day there can be a revelation or a new discovery. I treasure the memory of the past misfortunes. It has added more to my bank of fortitude.
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photo 2 Dec 92 notes definition of cute

definition of cute

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i need new sunglasses

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When someone is so sweet to you, don’t expect that they will be like that all the time because even the sweetest chocolate expires.
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